What Differentiates Us.

  • Experience & Expertise:  Our senior engineers have worked with the world’s premier E&P companies in projects around the globe. Praxis understands our clients’ requirements on a technical basis and we provide the solutions they demand. We have first-hand experience across the spectrum of drilling, testing, completions and well operations.
  • Knowledge Base:  Praxis’ team structure gives clients access to the knowledge base of our entire organization to address their specific issues. Collaboration between engineering teams enables multiple experts to vet clients’ engineering challenges such that only the best fit-for-purpose solutions are presented for approval.
  • Resource Flexibility:  To complement our clients’ dynamic HR needs, Praxis can add or remove technical experts to meet the project workload. The ability to ramp up or ramp down resources throughout the engineering lifecycle allows operators to retain project-specific knowledge while avoiding costs for underutilized personnel.
  • Client Control:  Praxis conforms to our clients’ organizational structure and leadership instead of making clients conform to our model. Clients demand full control over their projects and Praxis makes available to them the technical expertise they require to address their engineering needs and accomplish project goals.
  • Well Engineering Focused:  Praxis focuses exclusively on Drilling, Testing and Completions engineering. As opposed to offering broad solutions across the industry spectrum, we focus only in the core area where we have the technical expertise to guarantee the highest standards of quality and professionalism.